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Mustachioed pooch pup Salvador Dolly gets her 15 minutes of fame

(Courtesy Hearts & Bones Rescue)
(Courtesy Hearts & Bones Rescue)

DALLAS (STORYFUL) - A puppy with a distinctive mustache-like pattern on her upper lip has been given the name Salvador Dolly (in honor of the famously mustachioed artist) as well as lots of love and attention since she was picked up by Dallas Animal Services.

The team at Hearts & Bones Rescue have found temporary foster care for the puppy, her mother, and her 10 siblings in Dallas, and will soon move the dogs to find them new homes in New York City.

“We honestly have more applications for her than we know what to do with right now,” the Hearts & Bones crew told Storyful by email. They’re hoping that all this attention will help them find homes for Dolly’s brothers and sisters, too.

“The number of people wanting to adopt dogs is incredibly high,” in New York, they wrote, explaining the decision to move the dogs to a sister branch there.

“All will be available for adoption in NYC towards the end of August,” they wrote. “We hope that her going viral encourages more people to adopt and foster!”