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Jon FossCW Crew

Connect With Jon Foss

Jon Foss has been a Host and Producer with The CW Twin Cities since 2014, in what he describes as "the most fun I've ever had working!" During this time he has interviewed major celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Jack Black, Courteney Cox, Nicholas Sparks, and Jason Segal. In addition, Jon, Katie, and The CW Twin Cities production crew have created top notch commercials for our clients. He also helped bring back channel 23's New Year's Eve Special, The Melon Drop, which he was a Host, Producer, and Director of the last two years.

In addition, Jon has worked as an Actor for various commercials, television shows, and films including The Daily Show, In an Instant, America Unearthed, and Holy Grail in America. He has also modeled on a regular basis for The Sportsman's Guide and evine LIVE among many others.

When not on-camera, Jon works behind-the-scenes in the video productions world as a Director, Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor. He has created videos for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies, to small businesses, politicians, and entertainers such as Vanilla Ice. He has previously worked as an Anchor and News & Sports Reporter at NBC affiliate KTIV in Sioux City, Iowa and Hastings Community TV.