Play a Round of Family Feud on the Air for Prizes

60-Seconds of Family Feud
60-Seconds of Family Feud

The new season of FAMILY FEUD starts on Sept 11. To celebrate, The CW Twin Cities is going to let locals get on-the-air and play a round of FAMILY FEUD with our local host, Jon Foss. You can win valuable prizes! We will be doing this for 4 weeks!
You will see us doing this during every weeknight 6 & 6:30pm episode of FAMILY FEUD between Sept 11 and Oct. 6.

Here's how it works:

  • If you want to play for the prizes, register below.
  • We will start randomly calling the numbers people registered with
  • Be ready to answer the call
  • We will ask you an official FAMILY FEUD question. You have to guess as many of those top answers as you can within 60-seconds.
  • If you guess 6 or more, you win a 32" Vizio Smart HDTV
  • If you guess 4 or 5, you win an Echo Dot.

The key is to be ready to answer our call. These calls will be randomly made on weekdays between 10am and 7pm. Answer the phone if we call, so you can play.

If you don't see where to enter, the contest widget hasn't loaded up onto the page yet. Give it a few more seconds.