WATCH: Raw 'zombie chicken' crawls from plate at restaurant

WASHINGTON (SBG) - Restaurant goers were in for a shock when a piece of, what looks like, raw chicken moved from their plate at a restaurant.

In the video, diners can be heard screaming as the chicken-like carcass begins to twitch. The meat then inches off the plate onto the wooden table before flopping to the floor out of frame.

The video was posted to Facebook about two weeks ago but was not clear where this video was taken. It seems to be at a restaurant where diners could cook food at their table.

Chickens have been known to survive sometime after they have been killed. In 1945 a chicken was beheaded by a farmer named Lloyd Olsen and survived for nearly two years, according to It is not unusual for some animals to have cadaveric spasms through rigor mortis, or stiffening of the muscles, after death.

Media reports question the validity of the video, reporting that the meat is something other than chicken. The USA Today reported that the meat could be a frog or some other chicken-type flesh.