Cops have hour-long standoff with stuffed toy tiger

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Cops have hour-long standoff with stuffed toy tiger (Photo: UK Cop Humour Facebook Page)

(KUTV) - Police in Scotland are making fun of other police who were involved in an hour-long standoff what turned out to be a stuffed toy tiger, according to a report from The Scottish Sun.

Farmer Bruce Grubb, 24, reported to police that he spotted a tiger in his barn.

"When police arrived, they stayed safely inside their vehicles during a tense hour-long stand-off as they tried to work out how best to tackle the beast. But Grubb began to grow suspicious when the ‘tiger’ didn’t move," according to the Scottish Sun.

Grubb eventually approached the 'animal' in his truck until he realized it was a toy.

“I had absolutely no doubt it was real — I got a hell of a scare. I was worried it was going to eat all my cows before police managed to shoot it," Grubb said. “I was stone cold sober, drink had nothing to do with me thinking it was real.”

“He refused to get out of the squad car or even wind the windows down. He didn’t want to go anywhere near it because he thought it was real," Grubb said in the article.

An armed response team along with six police cars responded.

Crews checked with wildlife officials to see if any tigers had escaped from local zoos.

“There was a standoff of about an hour. No one really knew what to do for the best," Grubb said. "But as time went on and it wasn’t moving, I started to think it wasn’t real. I drove right up to it with my truck and that’s when I knew it was a toy.”