Brazen bear burglar tries breaking into dentist's office

Bear at door.JPG
A bear tried to bust the glass of the dental office (Courtesy Dr. Gary Walker)

CHICO, Calif. (KRCR) -- A bear was caught on camera in Chico, trying to break through the front door of a dentist's office.

The bungled bear break-in happened around 5 a.m. Sunday at Forest Avenue Dental, at 2533 Forest Avenue in Chico. The bear left his mark, scratching the front door.

In the surveillance video, the bear runs across the parking lot and up to the front glass door of the building. The bear then slams the glass with his paw, sits down, and stands up a second time to hit the glass again. After failing to break the glass, the bear ran off.

Police and wildlife officers were right behind the four-legged burglar. They had been called to the area just after midnight on Sunday.

Several witnesses had called 911 to report a bear near Lowe's Home Improvement store on Forest Avenue. The bear then made his way east to Les Schwab Tires where he climbed up a tree and stayed for several hours.

Police and wildlife officers responded to keep an eye on the bear. He climbed down around 5 a.m. and continued moving to the east where he tried to break into the dental office of Dr. Gary Walker at Forest Avenue Dental.

Sunday morning, Walker's wife Kathy stopped by the office and noticed scratches on the front door. She assumed a human had tried to break in overnight. But when she and her husband checked the surveillance video, they couldn't believe the furry culprit they spied on camera.

"I was amazed, I thought the poor little bear must have a toothache and he was trying to get in," said Walker. "He hit it twice, the first time he hit the window, he saw down which was really cute, I've gotta get a picture of that, then he stood up and tried it again. Then he decided we're not open."

Police and wildlife officers were right behind the bear as he made his getaway, making sure he didn't hang around. They followed the bear east through a large field and over Bruce Road. The bear continued back east toward the mountains and out of sight.