2 deer rescued from Michigan lake by two men in a row boat

Deer rescued 1.jpg
(WWMT/Courtesy Rachelle McKenzie)

THREE RIVERS, Mich. (WWMT) - The deer on Fishers Lake near Three Rivers are no longer on the ice.

Authorities had urged people not to attempt to rescue the deer, but two close friends who live near the lake said they couldn’t sit idly by while the deer struggled on the lake.

Brian Rice and Marshall Henchel sprang into action about 5:40 p.m. Tuesday. The two men borrowed a fishing boat and navigated their way to the deer by used ice picks and other tools.

They lassoed one of the deer and pushed the other two over the ice to safety.

Henchel said he was prepared to handle the animals.

He said, “I had a good idea how they were going to react. I knew how to go about the situation, go out from behind and try to push them.”

Henchel said his family owns a white tail deer farm.

The men said the deer didn’t appear to be hurt, just shaken up.

The deer had been stuck on Fishers Lake since about 3 p.m. Monday and concerned neighbors said something should be done to save the deer.