Wizard World Comic Con 2016

Wizard World 2016 REVIEW!!!

In a land far, far, away, in a totally different world things started to go south fast! Katie & Jon insulted Clay, their cosplaying cameraman, and they were left on their own to shoot a "funny" Wizard World Comic Con video. They felt sick about insulting their co-worker/friend "Cos-Clay" and set out to find him and shoot some footage on the way. They were worried because he has a tendency to do some pretty crazy things when he's upset.

Luckily Katie & Jon found a guy with multiple arms (er, tails) and he was willing to pitch in and take over behind the lens (because anyone can hold a camera, it literally takes no skill). At this point they realized that this may have actually been an upgrade production-wise and started to have a great time shooting the video. They even got some SAH-WEET interviews with The Rocky Horror Picture Show's Barry Bostwick, Arrow's David Ramsey, Twin Cities Ghostbusters, and most impressively Star White of X Government Cars fame. Before long they lost track of time and completely forgot about "Cos-Clay." At this point hours had gone by and for all anyone knew he could be locked in the back of a station wagon, hog tied, half-way to the border.

How will this saga end? Will they ever find "Cos-Clay?" Will two of our celebrity interviewee's hookup? I guess you'll have to watch the video to find out for yourself!


Now that you've watched the video and you're DYING for more check out these nuggets!

Here's our FULL interview with Arrow's David Ramsey show plays "Diggle." He talked about his martial arts background, the future of Diggle, working with Stephen Amell, and Supergirl coming to CW23!

Our most bizarre/AMAZING encounter took place with Barry Bostwick.

Barry, who has acted in hundreds of films and TV shows, has also been a big CW contributor! He has acted in Supernatural, Hot in Cleveland, and Cougar Town.

Katie & Jon had already interviewed Barry the evening before at Kick Off The Con so when they saw him the next day at Wizard World they had already created a bond. This is the second interview that unfolded that day.

During this interview Barry talked with The Joker (aka Carl), gave a review of how to properly use the trash, had a great chat with Lisa Piper (aka Star White) and finally finished things off with a fitting dance party.Spoiler Alert!: Things got crazy!

This should keep you busy for awhile. However, if you need EVEN MORE we understand. Check out our video from last year's Wizard World!