Twin Cities Voices: Sun Yung Shin, Acclaimed Local Author and Poet


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Sun Yung Shin is an accomplished writer and poet. Her work seeks to connect and expatiate marginalized voices, be it through her books, poetry, or her online newspaper The Twin Cities Daily Planet. A Chicago transplant, Sun Yung has grown to love the thriving writing community that the Twin Cities has to offer while also recognizing the work Minnesotans need to do to make sure its as diverse as it should be. Her books A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota and Unbearable Splendor (winner of the Minnesota Book Award) draw from areas such as activism, art culture, racial equality, and the human condition. Sun Yung has emerged as a titan in the local literary scene, and discusses how she found her way into poetry, the reception her books have had, and why its important to be keep asking the hard questions.

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