Valleyfair Opening Day recap


Valleyfair is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

That’s right, one of the key pillars to River South, "the Land of Big Fun," is waiting for you! Lucky for us here at The CW Twin Cities, we had the opportunity to visit the park ON OPENING DAY!!!

We also had our own CW Twin Cities booth, with our famous cash booth!

The big news this year is the addition of the new 230 foot high North Star ride! Check our GoPro footage HERE!

Valleyfair has also introduced some new great food this year! They even have a new beer brewed specially for the park by Badger Hill Brewing Company called North Star American Wheat.

The most cost-effective way to enjoy the park is with a season pass, but don't wait too long because the price goes up after Memorial Day.

Another great thing about Valleyfair is that they have rides for people of all ages!

Oh, and have you ever been at Valleyfair and thought to yourself, "It would be so fun to work here!" Well they are currently hiring 2,000 new jobs, including internships, so you may be in luck! Find out more here.