Twin Cities Voices: "The Coven" and Creating of More Spaces for Women


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What started as a crowd-funded idea has grown into a haven for Minneapolis women. The Coven, an inclusive workspace for women and non-binary folks, has changed what it can look like to be a start up while keeping a focus on empowerment and diversity. Founding members Alex West Steinman, Liz Giel, Bethany Iverson, and Erinn Farrell looked to the community to develop a mission that satisfied the needs of the women around them. What they've built is an environment that is conducive to both doing work within beautiful and well designed offices and conference rooms, but also to the exigencies of being a working woman by providing networking, amenities, and a sense of community she might not find elsewhere. In this interview, Steinman, Giel, and Iverson discuss what being a member to The Coven is like, their advice to upcoming entrepreneurs, and how their friendship keeps the business strong.

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