Twin Cities Voices: Nocturna the Goth-Glam Drag Queen


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Justin Novak first got into drag only a few years ago. Since then his persona Nocturna Lee Mission has grown into a huge part of his life. So what is Nocturna's aesthetic? Goth, horror, glam, cosplay, and everything in between. Fundamentally inspired by anything creepy Nocturna's unique variety of looks keeps her in high demand, hosting shows all over the Twin Cities Area. And while she serves plenty of high energy and glamorous vibes, her EmoNite sets at Honey and First Ave are a local hit. In this interview Nocturna discusses drag as a creative outlet, the hard work that goes into every look, her influences and role models, and more. Check it out!

You can keep up with Nocturna on Instagram @nocturna_leemission