Jon & Katie bring the red carpet laughs to Starkey, "So The World May Hear"

2016-07-17 16.19.21.jpg
Jon Foss, Vocal Group Maddie and Tae, and Katie Andres take a selfie

It’s that time of year again, folks! World leaders, comedians, professional athletes, astronauts, musicians, actors, and musicians who are also actors were invading the Twin Cities for one reason. So that the world may hear!

And Katie and I were right there in the middle of it all!

That’s right, it was the 2016 Starkey Hearing Foundation Awards Gala which honors remarkable humanitarians for their dedication to changing the lives of others and raise funds to support hearing health programs around the world. Starkey has helped over 500,000 patients with more than 1.8 million hearing aids in 100 countries.

We could go on and on all day throwing out facts and figures about how great of an organization Starkey is, and they are.. But hey, we’re the CW and WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN! We came here to laugh, catch up with some old friends, get some free food, dance, bust a rhyme, and possibly even conduct a wedding. But don’t get us wrong, we will ask the hard hitting questions.

At the end of the day, all of this fun is about raising money to do something bigger. Raising money so that people can go out into the world and help give the less fortunate the opportunity to hear.

The 2016 Starkey Gala raised over 9.5 million dollars.


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Thanks to Jael Chika Kuehl for your work on the vocals on "The CW Twin Cities Theme Song." Click to see more!

Great job as always by "Camera-man" Clay Holland!