So B. It = Must C.

So B. It opens October 20th in the Twin Cities

I had the opportunity to talk to an up-and-coming new star and a legend about their new film, So B. It.

Talitha Bateman and Alfre Woodard told us what the film was about, how close the story is to the very popular book, and what it was like working together. Watch out interview to see what they had to say.

Check out the trailer to see some scenes from the film.

Although the book is considered to be in the "young adult" category, I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie was not only very good but it felt like it would be a great watch for any age. The film opens to a limited release on October 6th but will make its way to the Twin Cities on October 20th.

There will be a "special engagement" screening at the St. Michael Cinema, in St. Michael, MN on October 20th. Contact them for tickets and additional information!