ODB vs. Jon Foss: A Rivalry that Rivals all Rivalries

ODB pumped to meet CW23 celebrity Jon Foss

Over time sports rivalries have defined different generations in America. Whether it has been Ali and Frazier, Bird and Magic, or the Yankees and the Red Sox today is no different. A new rivalry that will rival the rivalries of the past has emerged. This a rivalry that has dared to crossover the gender lines (very rare).

It started as a simple interview. I, Jon Foss, sat down to talk with world famous Professional Wrestler/Bartender/Hot-Sauce Pitch Woman/Butt-kicker ODB from Ring of Honor Wrestling. The conversation started off harmless like any boring talking heads interview. However, when I dared to voice my opinion that "women belong in the kitchen" things got ugly fast. The interview turned into an all-out brawl. I found myself on the losing end of this battle and over time the embarrassment, guilt, and annoyance of a perfectly good Flash shirt being ripped brewed beneath my skin.

Fast-forward to the Ring of Honor event at the Community Event Center in Hopkins when I had the opportunity to run out to the mat with big time ROH ring announcer, Scarlett Bordeaux. By now I had had enough and during the event in the middle of the ring I challenged ODB to a rematch. ODB did not show, typical.

Months later after the anger had been brewing beneath my breasts for far too long a false sense of security mixed with an old-fashioned classic case of stupidity took hold. During the taping of "Ring of Honor Weekly" (a fake show) I continued my taunting of this "wrestler." I had no way of knowing that she was at the CW23 studios picking up her flask that she dropped while originally beating me up.

To add a little bit of drama to the event I was doing one of my first co-hosting gigs with newly hired/superior Host Katie Andres. We'll let you watch for yourself from here, but let's just say things got "nuts!"

Surprisingly I did survive this event despite the decapitation. I even met up with ODB again at the next Ring of Honor event.

Despite all of the bumps and bruises (and decapitations) along the way, in my mind I am still the champion (sorry ODB)!

Due to popular demand, here is the unedited footage of one of my Ring of Honor introductions. It gets awkward real fast!