Nostalgia, Laughs, and Bad Movies Ensue at the RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion!

State Theater Marquee

Many highly anticipated events in life don't live up to the hype, the RiffTrax Live: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reunion was not one of these.

The all-star cast, including having all three MST3K Hosts together for the first time, was one that few thought would ever happen. Having that happen alone was amazing but this was too much talent to feature in only a two hour window right? Wrong!

The event was very wisely divided into segments highlighting smaller groups riffing on shorts, including the classic Shake Hands With Danger. However, the show did finish with a "Riff-A-Palooza" featuring all of the talent on stage riffing two shorts. And yes, it was as great as it sounds!

Luckily for myself and some of my co-workers we had the opportunity to attend the press conference, hang out "back stage" during the rehearsal, and of course watch the live show in all its glory. Because we here at CW23 are such a giving bunch we brought our cameras and have made a video that will make you feel like you were there as well. You owe us.

Want to see my questions from the press conference?

Or how about the ENTIRE THING!?

At this point we've probably whet your appetite to the point where you are kicking yourself if you didn't attend. Well, I've got good news! There is going to be an encore viewing of this show in theater on July 12th. Click here to get your tickets.