Get your stretchy pants ready, Katie's taking you to Miyavi Buffet

Miyavi Buffet
Miyavi Buffet

This week I continued my quest to find the best eating establishments in the metro by venturing to Burnsville to check out the Miyavi Buffet. Upon arrival, I was blown away by the mere size of this place. Not only is the establishment huge, but so is the menu. Sushi, Vietnamese pho, dim sum, and seafood, with over 200 items fresh daily!

Little known fact, I LOVE sushi and Miyavi did not disappoint. There was an endless selection of rolls to choose from, with new variations being brought out as soon as one disappeared. Honestly, I could have gotten full on sushi alone before even trying the same roll twice. On top of that there is plenty of sashimi and nigiri to pick from as well. All of which pair great with Miyavi's cucumber or seaweed salad.

Once you hit up the sushi line I highly suggest making your way to the build-your-own pho station. I wouldn't consider myself a pho expert as it wasn't too long ago that I had my first taste (feel free to send me some pho recommendations @ktandres), however this is why I loved Miyavi's option to customize it exactly how you want it. As a beginner I went fairly simple, but the people around me were loading up their bowl with everything you could imagine.

If you're a fan of dim sum, I found that Miyavi's is very true to Chinese culture. The tripe, stir fried chicken feet and pork belly may not look quite like something you're used to, but I promise it is worth a try. Another favorite of mine was the dumplings and potstickers.

Last, but certainly not least, be sure to save room on your plate for Miyavi's seafood buffet. Clams, Oysters, Mussels, Crab Legs, Lobster, and more, it's clear to see how seafood is putting this place on the map. Tip: Be ready for a line to the lobster during busy hours, especially on lobster (Wed/Sun) and crab leg (Fri/Sat) special nights, as it is one of the most popular items. Overall, if you like seafood then this place should definitely be on your list.

Miyavi's food went above and beyond what I would expect in a buffet. On top of that, with such a large space and beautiful decor it makes for a great spot to get together with friends and family. Whether you are dining solo or looking for somewhere to host a large group, I highly recommend it.

Miyavi Buffet is located at 14103 Irving Ave S, on County Road 42 just west of Burnsville Center, or find them on Facebook. Tell them CW23 sent you!