Is Jerry Springer running for Congress?

Jerry Springer
SYNDICATION PROMO SHOOTS -- Season: 2013 -- Jerry Springer -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBC)

To most people, when they hear the name JERRY SPRINGER, they think of his daily TV show of the wild and absurd (currently airing every weekday at 10am on our station). Fewer people know that he had a background in politics, and was actually the Cincinnati mayor and city councilman at one time. His weekly podcast includes some politics as well.

But there are rumors out there that a political career might be in his future once again.

Politics Extra (at reported that a phone poll was conducted this past week in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District to gauge how Jerry Springer might stack up with Republican incumbent Brad Wenstrup.

Blabber Buzz reports that Tim Burke, chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party and a close friend of Springer, confirmed the phone poll did indeed happen. But Burke did not know any other details about the poll, including who paid for it. They also report that Springer (a Democrat) believes he appeals to the same working class and rural voters that helped President Trump win the Buckeye state, and ultimately the White House.

No word as of yet what this would mean to the future of The Jerry Springer Show.

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