Vanilla Ice loves the 90's (and so do we)!

I Love the 90's Tour

“Remember the 90’s, the last great decade!” That’s what Vanilla Ice told the audience when he was in the Twin Cities at Target Center for the “I Love the 90’s Tour.” The inaugural edition of the tour invites attendees to reminisce about the trend-setting decade with some of the most iconic, names in rap, hip hop and R&B. Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa with Spinderella, Color Me Badd, Coolio, Tone Loc and Young MC compose this year’s revolving line-up of iconic ’90s artists.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Vanilla Ice and talked to him about the tour, which of our CW superheroes describe him best, which of his album titles describes this election cycle the best, and his memories with Twin Cities legend Prince.

Vanilla Ice also made his prediction on the World Series.