Jack Black & Goosebumps cast freestyle, talk being scared on set & if zombies attack

Dylan Minnette, Ryan Lee, Katie Andres, Jon Foss, Odeya Rush, & Jack Black just after their Goosebumps interview

Katie and I met up with the cast of the new Goosebumps movie and challenged them with the CWestionator. Originally we had planned to have them come to our station to enter the studio-version of the CWestionator. However, traffic was really bad that day and they were running behind on their interviews and unfortunately didn't have time to make it to the studio. "Their people" were still nice enough offer us the opportunity to meet with them at their hotel. Of course, we weren't going to miss out on this chance so we started loading up the CW van (not to be confused with the "Mystery Machine)" and hit the road. We had done "CWestionator on the Carpet" before, but today we were about to do "CWestionator at the Hotel!"

When it comes to the CWestionator we don't mess around. We hit these guys up with all of the tough cwestions like who was the biggest scaredy-cat on set, what is your favorite Goosebumps book, show us your best air guitar solo, freestyle a CW23 song, and who's better The Who or Vanilla Ice?

Check out the "RAW" version here.

We liked Jack Black's freestyle so much we put it into our CW23 THEME SONG

Still want more? We put together these "CWickies" from the interview. Enjoy at your own risk.

Oh, and don't forget to watch Goosebumps, it was really good! Here's the trailer, see for yourself!

It's out on many formats right now! Hooray!