New Weeknight Game Show Brings Out the Funny

Funny You Should Ask
Funny You Should Ask

The new Fall TV season is fast approaching. This means new shows are coming, and a slightly altered TV scheduled from most of your local stations. Ours included. Starting on September 11th, we will add games shows to our late-night block. We will air an episode of Family Feud at 10:30pm, followed at 11pm by a brand new game show called FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK.

Heavily inspired by Hollywood Squares and other games shows of the past, this one features a rotating panel of comedians you grew up with, including a local Twin Cities legend, Louie Anderson.

The Host of the game show is Jon Kelley, who you might have seen on EXTRA in the past.

Funny You Should Ask will air every weeknight at 11pm, starting on Sept 11, 2017 on The CW Twin Cities.