Family Feud just auditioned 566 Families from the Twin Cities

Family Feud Auditions
Family Feud Auditions

On September 24th and 25th, the producers of the popular game show, FAMILY FEUD, were at the Minneapolis Convention Center (sans Steve Harvey) with one purpose...audition families to be on the show. It wasn't an open casting call. People had to contact their hotline or email their desire to be one of the auditioning families and book an a time to come down and do so.

The producers received 2,775 phone calls from families in the MSP area. 703 were booked for an audition time. 566 families showed up and went through the process during the 2 day event.

Out of all of those families...95 will go on to the next round.

It's a long process, but many local families made it on the air from the last set of auditions when they came 2 years ago. Here is a promo we ran that featured one of them that aired back in May.

You can watch FAMILY FEUD every weeknight at 6pm & 6:30pm on The CW Twin Cities.