What's Changed on our Fall TV Schedule

Fall Schedule Changes
Fall Schedule Changes

Summer is over, and school is back in session and the new TV season begun. You've probably heard about some of the big prime time shows that are premiering. But some of our syndicated shows come and go, and schedules get shifted around to make room for everything.

Here is a quick review of what's changing on The CW Twin Cities:


VALOR & DYNASTY are the big new shows in CW prime. VALOR is a military drama on Monday nights after Supergirl. DYNASTY is a reboot of the classic nighttime CW style. It will air on Wednesday nights after Riverdale.
A few of the other prime time shows were shifted to new nights and times: Riverdale will be on Wednesdays at 7pm. Arrow is moving to Thursdays following Supernatural. All of the CW prime time shows begin their season during the week of October 9th.


Our early showing of MAURY at 11am is being replaced with two court shows: PATERNITY COURT at 11am (moved from another time slot) and COUPLE'S COURT at 11:30am (brand new show). This schedule began on September 18th.


At 5pm, game shows are out to make room for DAILY MAIL TV. You've probably seen their news stories shared on Facebook news feeds, and they have a huge following that they are bringing TV. Plus, Dr. Phil is producing this show. There will be a 5pm & a 5:30pm edition leading into FAMILY FEUD. This show premiered on September 18th.


A few of our late night comedies are going away (no longer available in syndication) and are making room for some fun. At 10:30, we will be showing a late night edition of Family Feud, followed by a brand new game show called FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK at 11pm. Think Hollywood Squares with comedians you've grown up with. At 11:30pm we will be introducing you to a very popular/funny cable show called IMPRACTICAL JOKERS. 4 real life friends pull video pranks on unsuspecting victims will putting their friends in situations outside their comfort zone. The results are hilarious. This all started on September 11th.

After those laughs, we kick off a mini-crime block at midnight with COPS (12am), KILLER MYSTERIES (12:30am) and CORRUPT CRIMES (1am)


We have a few noteworthy shows that just debuted on our weekend lineup, including DON'T BLINK - a great show that features "street magicians" amazing people with their tricks (Saturdays 5pm & 9pm), which started on September 9th, and SHERIFF'S: EL DORADO, which is kind of like COPS, but focuses on one county (Saturdays 10pm) which started on September 16th.