Behind the Scenes: Celebrity Name Game with Craig Ferguson & Courteney Cox

Craig Ferguson
Craig Ferguson Interview

Jon and I had the pleasure of sitting down via satellite with the "Jon & Katie of Los Angeles" aka Celebrity Name Game's Craig Ferguson and Courteney Cox.

No doubt this duo has been very busy preparing for season 2 of the show which premieres September 21st, 2015. Cox, alongside David Arquette, is a co-owner and executive producer of the show under the title Coquette Productions. Ferguson is also involved as an executive producer and most importantly the hilarious host everyone has come to know and love. This love was proven after he was recently awarded the daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host, making him the first person to win a daytime Emmy in one season since Betty White.

Due to all of his recent success, Jon and I did our best to gain as much insight from the outstanding host during our short conversation. What was the best advice he had for us? "Try to develop a phony Scottish accent," as well as a "callous disregard for the FCC and the sponsors." We'll get right on that Craig!

Season 2 of Celebrity Name Game promises to continue with all the crazy fun of Season 1 and more. Although they couldn't give too much away to us in advance, I was able to figure out who they would consider their dream guests that they hope to appear on the show one day. The Pope and Barack Obama were at the top of Craig's list. Although Jon and I were a little disappointed they didn't shout out our names immediately, we still gave them an invite to our own game night at CW23, as long as they bring some board games of their own.

Get your game show fix weeknights at 5/5:30 on CW23. Visit the Celebrity Name Game website for videos, tickets, and your chance to appear on the show!