Jesse Palmer dishes about his new gig on DAILY MAIL TV

Daily Mail TV
Daily Mail TV

You've probably seen the many social media stories from the Daily Mail. They are read, shared, and commented on by 75 millions people in the US alone!

Our own Jon Foss just did a satellite interview with Jesse Palmer, the host of DAILY MAIL TV. You might either remember him from his Football career as a quarterback (College - Florida | NFL - NY Giants) or his stint on The Bachelor.

Now the best stories from the world's most read English-language newspaper will be coming to life on television this fall with a mix of breaking news stories, politics, sports, human interest, and the latest celebrity headlines. These captivating stories will be broadcast five days a week, and promises to be just as addictive on television as they are online.

It's also being produced by Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay. Read the full story at the DAILY MAIL

The Daily Mail TV will air locally, every weeknight (5 - 6pm) on The CW Twin Cities