Behind The Scenes of the Upcoming Movie "The Soviet Sleep Experiment"


Go behind-the-scenes of this Twin Cities film with Jon CW!

The Soviet Sleep Experiment was shot in a building supply warehouse in Lakeville, Minnesota. Some of the best filmmakers from the Twin Cities combined with big name Hollywood talent came together to create the creepy film based on an urban legend. According to the story the Red Army kept prisoners awake for 30 days for an experiment that went terribly wrong.

We spoke with Director Barry Andersson (The Lumber Baron, Edge of Insanity) and actors Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live, A Night at the Roxbury, House on Haunted Hill), Paul Cram (Wilson Movie, 13 Hours in a Warehouse), & Charles Hubbell (Walking with the Enemy, Transylvania Television).

The film is set to be completed in Spring of 2019 with the release date and place TBD. Stayed tuned!