Last minute bike repair needed - Bike Fixtation!

Bike Fixtation.jpg
Jon has trouble with his bike - but no worries, there is something nearby that can help.

Minneapolis is one of the best places to ride a bike in the USA.

But what happens when somebody has trouble with their bike when they are already out and about? The short answer is becoming "Bike Fixtation".

Jon and Katie (CW23 hosts) talk with Andy Lambert of Bike Fixtation about their self-service kiosks for bicyclists you can see popping up around the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. Watch the video at the top of this page.

Bike Fixtation designs and manufacture public bicycle repair equipment and services. This includes bicycle repair stands, manual & electric air pumps, and vending machines that are designed to sell bicycle parts.

Chad & Alex started Bike Fixtation 5 years ago, when they were out on a bachelor party pub crawl, and somebody got a flat tire on their bike. Nobody they came across had the right size tube or had a way to fix it. That's when they saw the need for a vending machine that could help people with their bike needs during in bike friendly areas.

The vending machines are stocked with the most commonly needed bicycle repair parts and accessories. There are a few snacks and beverages too for all commuters.

Their public work stand has the 10 most commonly used tools needed to maintain your bike. You can fix your brakes, change the height of your seat, to more advanced things.

Visit their official website for to find the nearest location.