First look at Dinah's Black Canary Costume for ARROW Season 6


Season 6 of ARROW is set to start airing on October 12. But filming of the new season has begun, and the stars of the show have been popping up on panels at several Comic Cons recently and word is leaking out on some of the info about the new season.

Here is what we can tell you so far (spoiler alert).


As a fan of the show, you know this is the third Canary we've had. The previous two were the Lance sisters. Sara Lance was killed, then brought back...and is now the White Canary on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Her sister Laurel took on the roll of Black Canary when her sister originally was killed. And this past season she was killed too. Even though she didn't come back from the dead, her evil doppleganger from Earth 2 (known as Black Siren) has been interacting with the team. But enter Dinah Drake, who has the Meto-human ability to release the ear-piercing canary cry. The team found her last season and she was teaming up and training with them. Juliana Harkavy plays her on the show and is now an official cast member. And to make it official, in Season 6, she gets her official costume. Here is the first look (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly):


The cliffhanger for this past season involved Oliver watching the island of Lian Yu being blown up, with pretty much the entire cast of the show. But we don't know who survived and who didn't. But obviously Dinah is still alive if she's getting a costume announcement (mentioned above). But who else?

According to Stephen Amell (at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in Nashville) Manu Bennett will be back as Deathstroke in several episodes of Season 6. So apparently he made it off the island alive (more info on this statement can be found at He also stated “we have somebody returning to the show this year that we have not seen since Season 1.” Let the speculation begin on who that will be.


While Stephen Amell was at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest he also addressed the Flash Backs. The past 5 seasons episodes always included flashbacks to what happened when Oliver when he was "lost at sea". Even though those flashbacks are done. The show will still have some...just not in every episode and not always about Oliver. “There are flashbacks in the first episode that take us back to the immediate aftermath of the events in the finale. ” After that, other flashbacks will be used to tell the background / flesh out the other characters on the show. More more info about this read the article at


According to the Entertainment Weekly story, the season premiere will pick up 5 months after Oliver watched the Island explode.

Oliver's Son, William will be a big part of Season 6.

The overall theme of Season 6 will be about "Family"

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