Meatsauce & Monty - a local Sports show

Meatsauce & Monty
Meatsauce & Monty

MEATSAUCE & MONTY is back for season 2.

Meatsauce & Monty - Hosts Paul Lambert (Meatsauce) and Matt Montgomery (Monty) talk Sports, Entertainment and whatever's on their minds...but mostly Sports. This weekly 30-minute show is totally totally ad-libbed. No teleprompters & no Scripts. Just a few set topics to run down, with a few laughs along the way.

MEATSAUCE & MONTY is now on Sunday mornings at 10:00am on The CW Twin Cities.

Since The CW Twin Cities has no on-air commitments to the local sports organizations, the hosts feel they can pretty candid with their comments and poke fun at the teams.

The show is currently shot weekly on Thursday evenings at 7pm on the Club M stage at Mystic Lake Casino.