The Maury Show is celebrating it's 20th season

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Maury 1.JPG

Maury is now in his 20th season!

“Just like a good marriage, I like to take it one decade at a time,” said Povich, on this achievement. “So, now we're entering our third decade, I hope it's as good as the last two!”

Maury Povich is now famous for his shows dedicated to lie detector tests and paternity tests, and has spawned famous catch phrases such as: "The lie detector has are telling a lie" or "you ARE the father"

But what's new this season? “Maury” has expanded the exclusive content for his social media platforms. In “Maury’s Social Sit-Down,” Povich will venture outside the typical “Maury” topics to interview individuals tied to current events and pop culture. In addition, Povich will be even more accessible to fans, by hosting weekly, Facebook Live sessions.

You can watch MAURY every weekday at 4pm on The CW Twin Cities

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