Friends mark 22nd anniversary of Tupac's death by opening new Vegas venue

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22 years ago, on September 13, 1996, Tupac Shakur died at UMC Hospital, six days after he was gunned down at the corner of Flamingo and Koval.

Shakur's murder is still an open case, but his friends are remembering his legacy.

One, in particular, who just moved to Las Vegas marked the date with a new venture.

“I recorded that song, I did that song, “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” when I was 17-years-old and people treat me like it was recorded last week,” said Danny Boy.

He and Tupac recorded together in the 90’s.

“The tightness that he, Suge and myself had, as brothers, in those short years, I never envisioned him to be what he is today. I just saw him as a friend," he said.

Danny Boy was picked up by Death Row Records when he was just a teenager, singing tracks on some of Tupac’s biggest hits.

“To watch him in his work was probably the most amazing thing,” he said.

Danny Boy says returning to Las Vegas is bittersweet.

The anniversary of his friend’s death was marked with a celebration of his life and the opening of Danny Boy’s new restaurant and venue called Legends.

“Everybody waited for me to cook. Everybody,” he joked. He said he was the youngest on the label, but cooked all the holiday meals.

“I wish they were around now, I’d probably have a million dollars,” he laughed.

Now, he has memories, but still no closure.

Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Chris Carroll was there for Tupac’s final words and for the investigation. He said, “We have all known, law enforcement, the gang community, the streets, everyone knows Orlando Anderson was the shooter, in this case, we have known that for years. Unfortunately, he himself was murdered shortly after Tupac's murder.”

“I think his family deserves closure. I think the fans deserve closure," said Danny Boy.

The interest in the case peaked over the summer when a documentary was released and self-proclaimed gangster Keefe D admitted he was in the car when his nephew, Orlando Anderson, pulled the trigger.