3 quick (and easy!) hair hacks from Tori Spelling’s ‘The Look: All Stars’

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A good hair day can make you feel on top of the world. Unfortunately for most women nowadays, having a “good hair day” usually goes something like this:

Friend: “Your hair looks so nice today!”

You: “Thanks, I washed it!”

Ladies, it’s time to step up the game. And Tori Spelling can help.

Spelling’s new makeover series “The Look: All Stars” spotlights beauty and style transformations with the best stylists in the biz.

This is a show where “makeover dreams come true,” says Spelling. “I love being a part of ‘The Look!’ I’ve always loved fashion and beauty, and now I get to be a part of a show that combines both. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe are so key to a woman’s complete look: the head-to-toe, finished look. I love witnessing the amazing transformations.”

One talented styling team per episode wins a grand prize that includes a VIP vacation package from Westgate Resorts. Viewers also have the chance to win beauty and styling products featured on the show. Singer Manika will be hosting “The Social Corner,” a segment within “The Look,” where she and other top online beauty influencers will give beauty and fashion hacks that will help you turn what you see on TV into reality.

To help you learn the look before the show airs on Sunday, June 24, the experts of “The Look” compiled a few hair hacks that even the laziest of ladies can handle.

Go blonde in under three minutes (yes, really!):

Have you ever wanted to try out a new hair color without the long-term commitment? Alison Alhamed, editor-in-chief of Modern Salon, is obsessed with Hairtalk extensions’ “Hairband.” There are 18 colors to choose from, and all add serious length and volume to your hair (they even stretch to fit every head shape and size). Here’s how to use it:

  1. Brush and style your hair as desired.
  2. Place the hairband on the crown of the head—it should rest about two inches from the hairline.
  3. Use the end of a rattail comb to gently pull the natural hair over the hairband to disguise it. Continue doing this around the head until the band is completely covered and seamless.
  4. There you have it! An easy, new ‘do without any chemicals or commitment.

Hide your ponytail elastic:

Nothing says “chic” like a slick ponytail. But the annoying elastic band can turn “chic” to “sloppy” in an instant. Professional stylist Sam Villa has a simple trick.

  1. Start by collecting your hair in a ponytail as you normally would and tighten the elastic.
  2. Grab a stiff hairpin and diagonally slide the pin underneath the elastic.
  3. With your left hand, take a section of hair from the opposite side of the ponytail.
  4. Place the remaining ponytail in the palm of your right hand and pinch the elastic and the pin with the thumb and index finger on your right hand.
  5. Wrap the section you’re holding in your left hand around the elastic and pin.
  6. Grab a second hairpin, and like needle and thread, take the end piece of hair in the wraparound section from the second pin through the keyhole of the first pin.
  7. Get rid of the second pin.
  8. Pull the remaining tuft of hair and simultaneously push the first pin underneath the hair you’ve wrapped around the elastic.
  9. Voila! You’ve successfully covered the elastic.

Enhance your natural color with no effort:

Roots are currently ruling the runway, according to celebrity stylist Kim Vo. So how can you achieve this “flirty, yet dirty” look? It’s as easy as one simple step.

  1. Just grow your natural color out! The roots should be long enough to add a shadow of your natural color. Aim for about an inch of root for the “flirty” side of this look, but how “dirty, flirty” you want to be is up to you. It’s a low-maintenance look that screams “high-maintenance” color.

“The Look: All Stars” airs primetime on Sunday, June 24. For more beauty hacks like these, show updates, and behind-the-scenes action, follow @thelookallstars, #thelookallstars, and